Specialty Services

Johnson Broderick Engineering can help solve almost any engineering problem. We offer many services that are unique and will help you achieve your goal, such as:

  • Infrared imaging of structures to detect unseen anomalies, such as moisture intrusion
  • Foundation assessment for manufactured homes -FHA, VA, conventional (see the Forms section)
  • Design of stormwater systems - drywells, rain gardens, storage systems, bioswales
  • Mobile CAD services
  • Fire escape evaluation and retrofit
  • Structural disaster repair design - tree strikes, snow damage, fire damage, automobile damage, flood damage
  • Scaffolding design and emergency shoring
  • Unique structures - yurts, straw bale, subterranean structures
  • Solar panel and wind power assemblies for residential or commercial applications
  • Structures without building permits

And the list goes on. Call our office and we can work out a solution for your problem together.

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